webOS and the Future

It has taken me some time to comment on the news this past week regarding HP and webOS, and I want to get my thoughts in words while I still have the chance. Firstly, I love webOS! It is the first mobile OS that I truly got involved with. When I first found out about Preware, I knew that I just had to have it. To be able to fully customize my phone at ease was an opportunity I just could not pass up, and kudos to webOS internals for making it happen!

I was able to overlock my Pre Plus kernel, customize the appearance of my launcher, along with countless patches to configure my email and web browsing just the way I wanted it. That is something that I cannot do with similar ease on my current iPhone, a phone that I love, just from a totally different side of the mobile OS world, closed (iOS) as opposed to open (slightly with webOS). Add the awesome Touchstone charger and I had an awesome setup, a setup that I would happily brag to my friends about, as I was the only webOS user.

It all changed when I washed my Pre Plus in the washing machine along with my jeans. That had me consider a Pre 2, and the iPhone. I ordered the Pre 2 wanting to stay with everything that I had grown accustomed to, patches, and by far the best multitasking on a mobile phone. So now I had the Pre 2, rubberized finish, glass screen and some webOS 2.0 goodness. This is where the hardware issue that many webOS users had complained about came into play. Even with all the changes to the device, my Pre Plus just felt way better, even if it was made out of just plastic. I ordered the phone without using it, so maybe that’s where I went wrong. After about ten days with the device I decided to return the device, exchanging it for an iPhone 4. This decision probably angers many webOS users, who are by far the most loyal OS users I know. I just wanted to try the phone, as simple as that, so I paid the restocking fee and acquired the phone that I am using right now.

Since I made the switch I have still followed webOS, as it is the OS that got me interested in mobile technology. When HP acquired Palm, its patents and webOS, I had high hopes. HP has the money to scale webOS, which they promised, and as you now know, failed to do so. The Veer and Touchpad don’t count as “doubling-down”. HP had the time and the resources and they whiffed. The “Think Beyond” beyond event was great, but the Pre3 should have been released within a couple of months, not an offshoot European release with absolutely zero buzz.

HP messed up, webOS is up in the air, and licensing opportunities sound nice, but what will come of it? Only time will tell, and with an OS as intuitive as webOS and such a loyal user and developer base, I hope for the best, even if it may be too late