I always like to try out new services, and one that caught my attention a while back was the link shortening service, The use of a chosen “toast”, or interstitial to a link was not something I even thought about. I thought that it was just another way to advertise on the way to the article or site you wanted readers to go to.

Today I decided to try the service out again. To start, I have been selecting different “billboard” images, such as charity:water and TOMS which adds a nice philanthropic side to the service. The company lists that as one of many reasons that makes it stand out from other shortening services, most notably

I have been trying it out, with a few hiccups here and there, as I learn yet another service. However, the ability to add quick publicity to noteworthy causes, whether or not the reader takes action, is something that I am definitely a fan of. It is unique, and I think people looking to add another dimension to a shortened link, should try it out.