Back To Snow Leopard

The title says it all. After about two weeks of running Lion on my MB Pro I decided to revert  back to Snow Leopard, technically a “downgrade” of my system. However, I feel as if it is far from that. In the end, and thirty dollars after the fact, I realized that many of the new Lion features were not for me. Now don’t get me wrong, for many Lion fits there computing needs. The new OS would obviously run better if I had at least  and i3 or i5 machine, which I don’t. So why exactly did I go back to Snow Leopard?

For starters, I still have the install disc! Secondly, I really just like the way Snow Leopard runs on my system. I tried Mission Control, which is a grand version of Expose and Spaces, but I found the simple window layout in Snow Leopard better for managing multiple tasks. I really don’t need 3 or more desktop views, and in all honesty I have gotten so used to my Spaces setup, so Mission Control seemed a bit excessive.

Then there is Launchpad, a feature I thought would be useful, but was rarely used. The iOS layout makes sense on iOS, but on OS X it becomes another dock icon to launch apps, which is of course to whole point of the feature. However, I have my apps in a folder on my dock already, so I never really clicked on Launchpad except for right after I installed the OS. In the end, my folders won!!

Lastly is the feature I could never use even if I wanted to, AirDrop. I was looking forward to using a native Mac to Mac file sharing app, but Apple did not share the goodness with 2008 Macbook Pro’s, my model FYI, so I continued with DropBox.

By the way, this was a half a day process, as I had to back up my files, which I do often, partition the hard drive, erase the partitioned drive, install Snow Leopard, then transfer my files. A long sentence, a run-on maybe, but in the end I gained tons of storage back, almost 120 GB’s to be exact!! Plus, It was a good lesson in computer management.

When it came down to it, I installed Lion to try the newest, latest, and greatest. Yet, at the end of the day Snow Leopard does what I need it to do, and aside from my hour and a half battery life, which is a story for another day, this system should be kickin’ for quite a long time.




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