There’s a Lion in the Room

So today OS X Lion was released via the Mac App Store, the next iteration of the ever-popular OS. I have yet to download and install OS X Lion on my 2008 Macbook Pro, but in due time I think the upgrade will take place. Like almost all techies, the latest and greatest is a must have, especially at a price not much higher than the Snow Leopard upgrade, which was more or less a refinement then Lion.

I have seen the features, with Apple boasting about the 250 new features, most notably trackpad gestures, Launchpad, Mission Control, and AirDrop. The names given to the features are quite dramatic, but enough to pique the interest of any nerd! The iOS-ification of OS X is what tech blogs have been describing Lion as, and that has its benefits and drawbacks, depending on who you ask. I own an iPhone and an iPad to go along with my Macbook Pro, making my connected life completely Apple. I am obviously familiar with iOS, so maybe a few features, such as Launchpad, will be a welcome addition to my computing experience. At this point I break out my Macbook Pro for document editing, job applications and blog posts. Maybe those three can use a little iOS love!?

Then there is the issue of whether or not you want certain aspects of you mobile computing life to mirror your mobile life, and that is ultimately a decision that the end consumer has to make. Taking what is new and making it work for you is essential. So rather than criticize Lion based on tech blog reviews and screenshots, I want to try it first to see that it fits my overall needs and expectations of what an evolutionary OS upgrade should be. After all, like many people out there, my connected life depends on solid hardware and more importantly software. In the end 30 dollars to make my life more productive might be a solid investment, an investment that just might enable one of by favorite tech phrases, “true multitasking”!


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