I know that I am among the many people out there looking forward to what Apple’s annual WWDC. Yes, new iPhones have been pushed back by the release of the Verizon iPhone, but it is a nice change to see software get some attention. After all the basis of a great device is great software, and iOS is just that. The fifth version, or iOS 5 should see some changes, with the notification system and possible twitter integration being the headliners. I can say that am truly excited to see what the next version brings in its entirety.

Next is the recently announced “iCloud”. Apple has long tried to offer a cloud based service, with MobileMe being the current one. Haven’t used MobileMe and probably won’t. Now it is iClouds turn to amaze us, with the rimless ability to scan music libraries rather than uploading, essentially mirroring your music to the cloud, and of course allowing you to access it on the go. Apple has reportedly reached agreements with the the major labels to use their tunes, agreements competing services have yet to sign. This is all great stuff however the adoption of this service might take some time, as many consumers still think of the “cloud” as those things in the sky.

People will sign up because the love everything Apple, myself somewhat included. The question is will people pay the rumored 25 dollars to gain access to their favorite songs and other media on all of their Apple devices? I know I would. Next weeks WWDC will give consumers the details that will hopefully make this service the most successful cloud service from Apple. What do you think?


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