Strollers and iPads

As a kid I used to go to Toys R’ Us almost monthly to pre-order N64 games, so I am more than familiar with the greatness that is Toys R’ Us. What is most surprising is that Apple’s iPad is now available at your local Toys R’ Us. Now this is definitely a move I didn’t see coming, at least until reports surfaced of the upcoming launch. Now one more major retailer is selling the best selling tablet, and it will be interesting to see how many adults go to Toys R’ Us instead of Apple stores or Best Buy to buy the latest and greatest from Apple. I personally can’t see myself walking in to a Toys R’ Us to buy an iPad, but that is just my opinion. My question is, how many iPads does Apple expect to sell through its partnership with Toys R’ Us? and, outside of handheld games and children’s toys, when was the last time Toys R’ Us sold the latest and greatest technology? This may take customers away from Best Buy, which I think is a more reasonable place to sell any form of technology, but then again, Apple products seem to sell wherever they are sold, so why not Toys R’ Us? The world of strollers and iPads now meet in what is definitely a change in the distribution game. I am imagining people with iPad equipped strollers! It is a funny thought, but then again you never know.


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