Square Up! on the Apple Store

I just read that Jack Dorsey’s Square credit card reader is now available through the online Apple Store. I do not own an iOS device, although in the near future I may, so I am quite excited by this news. I went to the online Apple Store, and after typing is “square” in the search box, the reader was the first result to show up. As of today I don’t really have a need for Square, but the technology is flat out awesome! I am willing to ignore VeriFone’s backhanded efforts to bring Square down. VeriFone is the Windows to Square’s Mac, and it is about time a newer system, a simpler one at that, gains market share. How many people are actually going to go out of their way to make a skimming app? Not many. Individuals understand that all POS systems have an inherent risk, and Square is the somewhat new kid on the block. The simplicity of Square is the main selling point, which many people, myself included, love. Mobile payment is a trend seeing immense growth, and companies like Square will benefit from being available online through Apple. Smart move by Dorsey to create Square, and kudos to Apple for making it available through its online store. An innovative product listed on a site that gets more traffic than I can imagine will only yield great results!


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