Recent News On VZW 1 Year Contracts

So I just read that in the next few weeks Verizon Wireless will be eliminating 1 year contracts altogether. With all of the changes that VZW has made to its contract options I am not surprised by this announcement. I am on a 2 year contract and have gotten used to waiting for an upgrade, which is now 20 months at the earliest. I am all about mobile, from phones to applications, so I read all related news such as this. Month to Month plans are still there, and as much as I would love to upgrade every time a new phone is released, I have to be realistic. As long as phones are so heavily subsidized by carriers, my choice will be limited, and I will have to be patient, which I something I am not, more so with technology than anything else. VZW should just leave their plans alone, unless they are feeling the pressure from the yet to be approved AT&T/T-Mobile merger. VZW has the customer base, and a loyal one at that. I am curious as to the reaction from other customers such as myself.


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